A Sedge Warbler was singing and marking out its territory yesterday morning, in a meadow alongside the river south-west of Great Betley Farm. The first time, it would appear, of a possible breeding attempt by this species in this part of Levels. (PC)

On our afternoon walk around the village yesterday, and the her early one today, it’s just been lovely to hear the chattering of House Martins again! (VPB)

A male Bullfinch flew into our apple tree this afternoon and started singing. The female joined him and I watched avidly to see what would occur….they just flew off!

A Swift flew purposely over our garden this morning making for the Swift boxes. He came, he saw….he flew away 😠. (DC)


Walked with a friend along the Mill Stream yesterday, had 4 singing males and noticed 2 birds at one spot, so there were at least 5 there. Also displaying Lapwing over the wet area, and a displaying Stonechat nearby. Yellowhammer heard too and seen sitting on a wire. Linnets, Lesser Whitethroats, Skylarks and Reed Warblers about too. Seems to be only one nest at the heronry.




Did the 2 local squares this morning for the SOS Nightingale survey. The male by the dead tree adjacent to Dagbrook Lane was belting away, but I couldn’t locate a bird in TQ2015. Maybe the one south of the Old Steam Mill relocated briefly to the back of Lower Station Road, and then on to where Liz T heard one along the railway line. By way of compensation, a Cetti’s Warbler was singing below Spring Hills (not heard one there before), a Lesser Whitethroat nearby, and a Garden Warbler east of Dunstalls. Got a view of it, in poor light, and it had no black cap or white throat! (VB)



A Garden Warbler was singing down by the ‘Tank Track’ (the path from Adams Gardens to the river) yesterday morning. I’ve not heard one there before. (RF)