While relaxing by my garden pond, actually repairing a leak, I espied various birds seeking a cooling off. Two juvenile Goldcrests, a Treecreeper and Willow Warbler all took a dip!

Excitement fulfilled when a Silver-washed Fritillary and a Purple Hairstreak flew by.

Sorry it’s a boastful list!!! (WG)

On Monday the 25th we had one Swift circling high above the house but the two young that had been looking out of our middle box the previous week were no longer there, so I assume they had fledged. Since then, despite keeping a keen eye on things, we have had no further sightings and no more droppings have appeared, so we assume they have all departed, alas!

I see from my diary that they fledged on 1st August last year and we had no further sightings so it would seem to fit. (SB)

On Tuesday 19th we heard a Blackcap and Reed Warbler singing by the reed bed on the Common.

On Wednesday 20th we saw a Parakeet in the churchyard. Also on Wednesday we saw a Swiftlet looking out of our Swift box.

On Thursday 21st a juvenile Blackcap came for a drink from our birdbath and a female Green Woodpecker checked our lawn for ants.

A Coal Tit is braving the Blue Tits to try to get a drink from the birdbath. Most mornings we have 5 or 6 baby Blue Tits and Great Tits bathing and drinking together and a pair of Bullfinches.

A Greenfinch and Goldfinch sing around the garden most days. (D&N)


A group of probably 20-25 Swifts were screaming high over the Tanyard path/church this evening.  Plus I could see two little black eyes peering out of the 2nd box from the top at Stokes newsagents. I didn’t have camera of course! (VB)

Just seen four Green Woodpeckers on a telegraph pole in the field between Furners Lane and Daisycroft. Making quite a racket. Possibly two adults with juveniles. Flew off towards Backsettown. Lovely sight. (JE)