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Welcome to the Henfield Birdwatch website. We are a group with an interest in birds and wildlife in general. We welcome people whatever their birding knowledge. We have group walks, talks, meet regularly for lunch and some people like to share their sightings online.

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We aim to ensure that Henfield remains a great place for birds and some of our members like to become more involved by

  • regularly surveying and monitoring the local bird population and species
  • helping Henfield residents to be aware of our local birds and how to help them flourish

If this sounds interesting and you would like to join us you would be warmly welcomed.

Latest Sightings

Balcony treat

A lovely surprise whilst having breakfast on the balcony this morning when we heard a Skylark in full song, which appeared to be coming from the field next to Sandy Lane. Great to hear and also brilliant that a development application has been refused four or five times for this site! (MR) 22nd June 2022
Latest Sightings

Barn Owl

Yesterday morning, on my first walk since returning from the Welsh island of Skokholm, I saw a Barn Owl hunting over the field north of Chates at 10am. (VB) 22nd June 2022
Latest Sightings

Breeding birds

Just a personal observation but it seems to have been quite a successful breeding year for some of our garden birds so far this year. Youngsters of four tit species, Blue, Great, Coal and Long-tailed have all visited the feeders while young of Robin, Dunnock and Blackbird are scrabbling about at the bottom, picking
Latest Sightings

Three years in a row

We have had a juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker in our garden over the last couple of days. This is the third year that we have seen one. Not sure if it's the same parents each year but it's good to know they are doing well! We have also seen the adults as well. (MD&HD) 22nd June 2022
Latest Sightings

Swift update

Seven Swifts screaming round the house at 3pm with droppings and egg shells below two of our five boxes.  None peeking out yet.

There was also a Red Kite circling over the cemetery gradually thermalling upwards this afternoon. (SB) 16th June 2022
Latest Sightings

Balcony birding again

Very nice entertaining coffee break on the balcony this morning. About 50-60 Herring Gulls had found a thermal just the other side of the back garden and was joined by a few Jackdaws and Carrion Crows while a Buzzard cruised disdainfully underneath them. Then we saw a Cuckoo flying swiftly across the back as
Latest Sightings


There were seven Swifts screaming round our house yesterday evening at six o’lock with three of them entering three boxes in a row, one after the other. Two stayed but the third left after a minute or so, so there were five that continued to circulate. There have been a maximum of five birds on most days this week, on one occasion
Latest Sightings


Maximum of five Swifts over Kings Field and Saelig Cottage for the past two days, three seen entering three different boxes of the five we have.  They stayed for a short time before going off again. (SB) 3rd June 2022