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Welcome to the Henfield Birdwatch website. We are a group with an interest in birds and wildlife in general. We welcome people whatever their birding knowledge. We have group walks, talks, meet regularly for lunch and some people like to share their sightings online.

We aim to ensure that Henfield remains a great place for birds and some of our members like to become more involved by

  • regularly surveying and monitoring the local bird population and species
  • helping Henfield residents to be aware of our local birds and how to help them flourish

If this sounds interesting and you would like to join us you would be warmly welcomed.

Latest Sightings

Very friendly Buzzard

We went for a nice walk along the downs link heading south and came across this very friendly Buzzard. He/She did not seem to mind the people being just 15m away from them. So as always I had the camera with me and took some shots. He/she was in the small field on the right just before you reach The Cabin cafe.
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Seeing is believing

While walking my dog this morning I saw a lone Egyptian Goose fly from Hascombe Farm it appeared to be going to land at Leat Farm or the lakes, still on its own I thought. Very soon I saw a pair of Egyptian Geese in a horse field and while I was waiting for them to get close enough for a photo together I spotted
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Increase in garden birds

Although the species coming into my garden remains much the same, there has been an increase in numbers this week. For example, previously there has been a Coal Tit visiting daily, but this morning there were three. Obviously the cold weather has brought them in. Two Jays today, eleven Starlings (previously
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After breakfast

Male and female Great Spotted Woodpecker and Green Woodpecker at breakfast time plus the regulars and three Long-tailed Tits, I hope they turn up for the bird count. While walking the dog a Little Egret was up a tree preening and resting. There are two that have been in the area for some time is it just possible they
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Garden birds

Lots of birds in my garden today including Starlings, Blackbirds, Dunnocks, Robins, Blue & Great Tits, Long-tailed Tits, Jackdaws, Crows, Magpies, Collared Doves, Goldfinches and a single, healthy-looking Greenfinch. Also, a Wren, a Nuthatch, a Coal Tit and a Song Thrush singing away from a tree at the back. A nice
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Garden getting busier

This shorter spell of colder weather (but isn't it so nice to see some sun!) has brought in a few more birds to the garden. The Blackcap was back this morning, Chaffinch numbers are up to 12 and Reed Bunting numbers are creeping up, there were four this morning. As yet, Goldfinch and Greenfinch numbers are still
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Welcome garden visitor

First Blackcap of the winter in the garden yesterday, a nice male on the feeders. Time to put the apples out to try and get him back again! (MR) 17th January 2022
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In our garden this morning

Two Song Thrushes and a Coal Tit. (D&N) 16th January 2022
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Area 2 Walk

The Area 2 walk on Tuesday this week was a major challenge for the birds. How to stay hidden with no fewer than 12 avid HBW members on the prowl. They did their best aided by a dull grey day of low visibility but they were not successful. We clocked up a very creditable 35 species as well as enjoying good company. it was
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We had 14 Blackbirds in the garden yesterday. Perhaps there has been an influx from Northern Europe? (D&N) 10th January 2022
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West End Levels

After yesterday's rain there was much flooding either side of the river from Betley Bridge to Eatons Farm, and this had drawn in some decent amounts of wildfowl. There were approximately 300 Canada Geese, 9 Egyptian Geese, 80 Wigeon and and a dozen Shoveler. There was also a Kingfisher perched in a tree overlooking
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We had a fruitless search for the Bewick’s on Friday morning. Loads of Canada Geese, 6-8 Gadwall, a couple of Pintail. Mute Swans and Mallards were all that were on the floods north of Rye Farm.  About 70 Starlings with a couple of Fieldfares and a single Redwing were feeding in the field by Rye Farmhouse.  A fox near Buckwish
Latest Sightings

Bewick's Swans still here....

The Bewick's Swans are still present by Rye Farm, along the track to the right and from the viewing point just before the gate. Also on the pond nearby was a Water Rail and Grey Wagtails. (LS) 6th January 2022
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Fab Four Bird Race 2022

The Fab Four Henfield Birdwatch team met at 7.45 at the Downslink car park on 5th Jan for their annual SOS New Year Bird Race. It was a gloriously sunny day, with light winds most of the time.
Our aim is to see as many species as possible in the parish. To “count”, three of us have to see or hear the species.
Latest Sightings

Bewick's still there

This morning, we strolled down to Rye Farm to see if the Bewick's Swans were still there and indeed they were, two adults and three juveniles, great to have them on the patch again. A Raven was seen and also a flock of about 100 Teal in flight, a great sighting. (MR/LM) 5th January 2022
Latest Sightings

Bewick's Swans

Two adult and three juvenile Bewick's Swans among the ducks (Pintail, Shoveler, Teal, Wigeon and Mallard) on Henfield Levels. (Report from SOS recent sightings page) 3rd January 2022
Latest Sightings

The Levels yesterday

On Rye Farm Levels yesterday morning decent numbers of Wildfowl were on the now extensive flooding. This included 40 Shoveler, 6 Pintail, 30 each of Wigeon and Teal and over 200 Canada Geese. There was also 70 Lapwings and a lone Common Gull.

Elsewhere there was a handsome male Bullfinch on the Downslink, and
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Kestrel and Stonechats

We had a walk down to the railway line to the South and round the west edge of the river, and back past New Inn on the last day of the year.
A Kestrel posed for us, and then hesitated long enough for a photo in the grey skies. Also a pair of Stonechats were busy hedge hopping. (PM/PM) 3rd January 2022
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Grey Wagtail

The Grey Wagtail has been back on 28th and 29th. It had a bath in the cascade and then stood on the edge preening and ruffling it’s feathers - a lovely sight. (NC/DC) 1st January 2022
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Red Kite

We had a Red Kite flying low (15m) over the garden for an hour or so yesterday afternoon. First time I have seen one here at this time of year.

Beautiful sight, despite the weather! (ST)


  28th December 2021
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The Levels this morning


We paid a trip to Rye Farm Levels this morning, in a surprisingly strong wind, and with the recent few days worth of rain increasing the area covered in water. There was a nice section of wildfowl out on the Levels, but not in particularly large  numbers. Six species of duck were noted, including
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The Henfield Birdwatch Report 2020

The Henfield Birdwatch Report 2020 (1st edition)

Delighted to announce that Paul Cole's enthusiasm for birds in Henfield has resulted in him producing a wonderful report of all that was recorded during 2020.  Many thanks to Paul (and to his family for letting him spend the time to do it!) Enjoy!