1999-2024 Celebrating 25 years of Birding

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This is a significant year for Henfield Birdwatch as we celebrate our 25th anniversary. We are looking forward to an exciting year of activities – all of which are free for members!

There are walks and talks going on all year. Keep an eye on the Events for Members section, join the Facebook Group and look out for the Newsletters for more information.


Henfield is a great place for birds and people!

Welcome to the Henfield Birdwatch website. We are a group with an interest in birds and wildlife in general. We welcome people whatever their birding knowledge. We have group walks, talks, meet regularly for lunch and some people like to share their sightings online.

We aim to ensure that Henfield remains a great place for birds and some of our members like to become more involved by

  • regularly surveying and monitoring the local bird population and species
  • helping Henfield residents to be aware of our local birds and how to help them flourish

If this sounds interesting and you would like to join us you would be warmly welcomed.

Latest Sightings


We have a huge, 100+ flock of Jackdaws at the bottom of the garden, in the trees beside the Downslink. They seem to fly in from the fields around Betley, just before dusk. Very noisy!!

Les Cheeseman, 19tb July 2024 23rd July 2024
Latest Sightings

Juvenile Green Woodpeckers

I was pleased to see two very speckled youngsters feeding on the lawn this morning before the shower. I keep hearing them around so it was good the see them.

Angela Thyer, 16th July 2024 17th July 2024
Latest Sightings

Swallows hatched

We have about four Swallow fledglings hatched, could be more, at Swains. First brood this year. Last year they managed two broods, so bit disappointing, probably weather related.

Also a pair of Linnets seen around there too.

Alex Hill, 12th July 2024 12th July 2024
Latest Sightings

Singing in the rain

I have just been treated to a lovely prolonged song and flight display by a Sedge Warbler, just to the west of the causeway between Frogshole and Rye Farm. It didn’t stay still long enough for a photo.

Val Bentley, 9th July 2024 9th July 2024
Latest Sightings


The last of the second brood House Sparrows fledged this morning, and made their first flight straight into the pouring rain! They looked distinctly unimpressed with the outside world!

Liz Taylor, 8th July 2024 7th July 2024
Latest Sightings

Even more broods

Our tatty cock Blackbird was feeding a 3rd brood fledgling this morning, the fledgling looked about 33% bigger than the adult. A fledgling Greenfinch was being fed in the Green Alkanet.

Pauline and Hugh Colgate had a 2nd brood Pied Wagtail being fed in their garden this week.

Debbie Colgate, 8th
Latest Sightings


I’ve been playing Swift calls from my newly installed Swift boxes at the end of West End Lane and was thrilled today to see a group of around ten Swifts circling around above the house, until the resident male Kestrel landed on the roof and all the swifts disappeared into thin air!

Samantha Bernon, 5th July 2024 7th July
Latest Sightings


Two lovely young Greenfinches on my feeder this morning. The fledglings I've seen recently - at least six House Sparrows, two Blackbirds, one Robin and two Dunnock. Goldfinches are also back. Other visitors to the feeder have been two woodmice and a brown rat!

Jane English, 6th July 2024
7th July 2024
Latest Sightings

Swift and House Martin update

The last few days have been busy on the Swift front with small parties screaming round existing nest sites.

Tony F and I have done a few Swift surveys, it appears that only one of the existing nesting sites is not active this year; we've been unable to record any activity at Southdown Galleries, which
Latest Sightings

Swifts galore!

Whilst enjoying a few minutes in my happy place just now, (sitting at the bottom of the garden with a glass of wine) a screaming party of Swifts flew over. I counted accurately 58 but I reckon there must have been more. I guess they're the non-breeding birds who have just come over for their 'holidays' and to prospect
Latest Sightings

Green Woodpeckers

Fledgling Green Woodpeckers calling from the trees around the church this morning.

Debbie and Nigel Colgate, 30th June 2024 7th July 2024
Latest Sightings

More broods

We had a female Blackbird in the garden this week collecting worms for what must be a 3rd brood and fledgling Starlings this morning being fed which is a 2nd brood.

Debbie and Nigel Colgate, 28th June 2024 7th July 2024
Latest Sightings

Area 10 Survey

Angela and I did the Area 10 survey yesterday, making an early start at 7.00 before the hot weather kicked in. I was very grateful for Angela's support and for her hearing - her ears are much keener than mine. A godsend at this time of year especially.

We recorded 34 species across the area. No raptors at all unfortunately,
Latest Sightings


Just been watching a Jay eating fatsnax from the feeder next to our quince tree. Don't think I've ever seen one doing that before. Very pleased, anyway.

Wendy Jago, 27th June 2024 7th July 2024
Latest Sightings


Just counted 21 Swifts circling above the cemetery.

Hazel Haylock, 25th June 7th July 2024