Lesley and I completed our early Breeding Bird survey for Area 7 this week. The walk starts at stinky pond and takes us to Springhills, Blackgate Lane, Parsonage Road, the cemetery, Staples Barn, Lawyers Lane and Hollands Lane.

Highlights were:

  • High numbers of Starlings and House Sparrows ( both of which are red- listed ) at Southview, Neptown and the Medical Centre. We saw birds with nesting material and food and going into nests under eaves.
  • A Nightingale singing on the Downslink and another singing to the southwest of Springing Hills where we also saw three Common Whitethroat and heard one Lesser Whitethroat.
  • A Tawny Owl hooting near the wood at the top of Windmill Lane at 8.30am (!).
  • A pair of Bullfinches benefitting from no-mow May, feeding on dandelion seeds.
  • A Wren taking food to a nest.
  • Three Swallows in Stonepit Lane near the stables.

Debbie Colgate, 14th May 2024