I had a very early start this morning as my body clock is clearly getting ready for the clocks going forward at the weekend. So I decided to go down the Millstream. Of course what used to be a nice little path at the side of the stream is now turned into a wide swathe, but the mud has pretty well gone, so it was perfectly passable. despite the hedge having been cut back so drastically, there was still plenty of birds about as I came through the gate at the entrance. I saw two Grey Wagtails. Fortunately, my Merlin app was able to identify all the birds that I could hear but not see, lots of Linnets (that I could see!) and the usual Chiffchaffs, and also a Yellowhammer. There were a lot of Egrets about in the field and also six Swans. Also, a Snipe went up from the field. A good start to the day!
Liz Taylor, 26th March 2024