A heavy but most enjoyable social evening meant a lot of clearing up this morning. So we went on our walk later and in an anti-clockwise direction at mid-day.  Apart from a good selection of birds on our feeders there wasn’t much about today, even the Canadas and Greylags were absent but plenty of Magpie, Jackdaw and a few Gulls though.  I saw two distant Partridge and then a short sharp shower as we approached the Egyptian Goose nest she was sitting tight way up in an Oak Tree.  The rain stopped and a weak sun appeared highlighting a party of about 30 Redwing in a horse paddock; This is the most Redwing I have seen this winter  and I had almost despaired of seeing very many.  A couple of fat rabbits caught my attention, sheltering in the lee of a thick strip of scrub while above them some Starlings were clinging on for dear life in the buffeting wind.  When we got home we were sitting outside when a brazen male Sparrowhawk dived into the tree where we hang feeders, it flew off prey less and soared off high into the sky, a wonderful sight. (JP)