We paid a trip to Rye Farm Levels this morning, in a surprisingly strong wind, and with the recent few days worth of rain increasing the area covered in water. There was a nice section of wildfowl out on the Levels, but not in particularly large  numbers. Six species of duck were noted, including good views of Pintail and Shoveler through our scopes. A lone Gadwall was also picked out, four Egyptian Geese flew past and a Little Grebe popped up but proved tricky to relocate.

The list of what we saw is below, with counts in brackets. (PC/VB)



Canada Goose (18)

Mute Swan (2)

Egyptian Goose (4)

Shoveler (13)

Gadwall (1)

Wigeon (20)

Mallard (42)

Pintail (18)

Teal (14)

Moorhen (1)

Coot (2)

Little Grebe (1)

Lapwing (20)

Black-headed Gull (3)

Herring Gull (3)

Carrion Crow (5)

Song Thrush (1)

Reed Bunting (1)