A lovely day for a walk along the millstream to the Downslink, Stretham Bridge and back through the fields.  Fairly quiet to start with, very little noted.  There was a single Cormorant in the oak tree, but looked like an altercation was likely between some swans in the pond beneath.  I could see two adults with their wings raised rather menacingly, approaching a family of four.  At Stretham I was admiring a Little Egret on the bank and a Kestrel which flew onto the bank then pounced on something in the long grass, took off and flew onto a fence. Following that three quite large groups of thrushes came over.  Looked to be mostly Fieldfares, but with Redwings too.  About 50-60 in each group, the largest numbers I’ve seen so far this autumn/winter.  On the way back saw a single Meadow Pipit on the dung heap, heard one bubbling Skylark over the field, then a Bullfinch and Pied Wagtail on the return trot along the millstream. (VB)