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Welcome to the Henfield Birdwatch website. We are a group with an interest in birds and wildlife in general. We welcome people whatever their birding knowledge. We have group walks, talks, meet regularly for lunch and some people like to share their sightings online.

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We aim to ensure that Henfield remains a great place for birds and some of our members like to become more involved by

  • regularly surveying and monitoring the local bird population and species
  • helping Henfield residents to be aware of our local birds and how to help them flourish

If this sounds interesting and you would like to join us you would be warmly welcomed.

Latest Sightings

Tawny Owl

A Tawny Owl calling from Lower Faircox this morning (MD) 9th August 2022
Latest Sightings

More Willow Warblers.... and some Long-tailed Tits

I had two Willow Warblers pass through this morning, and also a group of seven Long-tailed Tits (BL) 9th August 2022
Latest Sightings

More Willow Warblers

We were up on the balcony this morning when lo and behold we had two Willow Warblers pass through in the garden coming very close to the balcony, a real breakfast treat! We also heard one in song a few gardens down. I've consistently noticed over the years that they start moving through from about the second week
Latest Sightings

Area 9 walk

A very quiet morning walk – just three of us in attendance today. We had very few birds in the rather warm August sunshine, though there were several twittering flocks of Goldfinches en route.. The usual stop by the railway arch yielded Goldcrest, Coal Tit, and Stock Dove, plus a distant Green Woodpecker. On the levels
Latest Sightings

Barn Owl and Warblers

A Barn Owl was out hunting along the river this morning, ranging from Betley down to the weir. At the latter it caught some prey before heading back north to the former.

Also along the river were a few migrating Warblers, with four Willow Warblers, a couple of Chiffchaffs and a Whitethroat noted. (PC) 7th
Latest Sightings

Swifts and other news

Our two Swiftlets flew the nest on Friday the 5th in the morning.

There was a female Blackcap in the garden on Saturday the 6th.

I went for a walk yesterday down Spring Hill and along the stream to the Downslink. Three or four Buzzards calling, stooping and flying lazily around. (DC)

  7th August
Latest Sightings

Cricket pitch this evening

After the cricket match on the Common this Saturday evening I counted three Mistle Thrushes and 15 Pied Wagtails on the pitch. (NC) 6th August 2022
Latest Sightings

House Martin

At least one House Martins is still visiting a nest in Bishop Park as of today. Probably an attempt at a second brood, but House Martin activity has now quietened right down following the peak of May/June. (PC) 5th August 2022
Latest Sightings


Two Moorhens at Woods Mill, each with several lovely, fluffy chicks. (PB)


  5th August 2022
Latest Sightings

Pied Wagtail family

A family group of Pied Wagtails (2 adults with 4 juveniles) has been around Bishop Park the last few days. At first the youngsters were begging for and then receiving food from the parents, and now they are beginning to become more independent. Fascinating to watch. (PC) 3rd August 2022
Latest Sightings

Sedge Warbler

A Sedge Warbler in the vegetation on the river bank by the bridleway at New Inn Farm yesterday morning. (RF) 3rd August 2022
Latest Sightings

Another boast to inflict!

While relaxing by my garden pond, actually repairing a leak, I espied various birds seeking a cooling off. Two juvenile Goldcrests, a Treecreeper and Willow Warbler all took a dip!

Excitement fulfilled when a Silver-washed Fritillary and a Purple Hairstreak flew by.

Sorry it's a boastful list!!! (WG)
Latest Sightings

Grey Wagtail

A Grey Wagtail on the wet patch on the way to Rye Farm (NC) 29th July 2022
Latest Sightings


On Monday the 25th we had one Swift circling high above the house but the two young that had been looking out of our middle box the previous week were no longer there, so I assume they had fledged. Since then, despite keeping a keen eye on things, we have had no further sightings and no more droppings have appeared, so we assume
Latest Sightings

Sightings this week

On Tuesday 19th we heard a Blackcap and Reed Warbler singing by the reed bed on the Common.

On Wednesday 20th we saw a Parakeet in the churchyard. Also on Wednesday we saw a Swiftlet looking out of our Swift box.

On Thursday 21st a juvenile Blackcap came for a drink from our birdbath and a female Green Woodpecker
Latest Sightings

Ring-necked parakeet

Well, we didn't expect to see one of these in the garden this morning as we sat drinking our early morning cuppas. (LM) 16th July 2022
Latest Sightings


It was a lovely start to the day yesterday to see two Red Kites fly over Church Street at 7.45 in the morning. (LH) 16th July 2022
Latest Sightings


Peeking out of the furthest right box of the ones on the north wall of The Club this evening.  (VB) 14th July 2022
Latest Sightings


A group of probably 20-25 Swifts were screaming high over the Tanyard path/church this evening.  Plus I could see two little black eyes peering out of the 2nd box from the top at Stokes newsagents. I didn’t have camera of course! (VB) 14th July 2022
Latest Sightings

Green Woodpeckers

Just seen four Green Woodpeckers on a telegraph pole in the field between Furners Lane and Daisycroft. Making quite a racket. Possibly two adults with juveniles. Flew off towards Backsettown. Lovely sight. (JE)
  14th July 2022