Month 1 Update

We’re already into month two of our Henfield Garden Bird survey and we’re capturing lots of valuable information.

Map of Participants

If you haven’t submitted your reports yet please head over to the Submissions page and let us know what you’ve seen.  And if you haven’t joined up yet, that’s not a problem you can start anytime, please sign up here.

So far we can report:

  • 92 people are signed up, the oldest is 90 and the youngest just 7!
  • 326 “survey weeks” done.
  • 51 species reported.
  • The Blackbird is the top garden bird with over 90% of you seeing one each week.
  • Then come Blue Tit, Wood Pigeon and Robin.
  • Wood Pigeon is the most numerous bird seen with over 1000 counted.
  • We have 7 surveyors from one postcode! Wonder how different their counts will be?

Unusual comments!

  • “I didn’t do a submission last week because I was feeling ashamed to have attracted not only birds to the feeders, but RATS!! The rats have, in turn, attracted kestrels. We watched a male kestrel catch a rat and eat it only a few feet from where we were sitting.” (Rat traps now set!)
  • “The pigeons are getting very amorous in spite of the cold!”
  • “12 Redpolls flew over”
    Male Reed Bunting
    Male Reed Bunting by Paula Blake
  • “No sightings” (better luck next week!)
  • “ Grey Heron was standing on my next door neighbour’s rooftop”
  • “Disrupted this week due to cats. Cat spikes on the fence seem to have worked – for now!!”
  • “The Reed Buntings started at 2 and went up to 4, returning several times each day”

To help us with our analysis, please:

  • Always use the same e-mail address.
  • Only enter one submission a week.
  • Remember we record on the week starting Sunday.
  • Enter the number of birds seen. We can’t add up “the same as last week” or “normal stuff”!

If you are having any difficulties with the system, please let us know – and hope you continue to enjoy watching your garden birds!

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