“Goshawks and Honey-buzzards in Sussex” by Mark Mallalieu CBE.

Mark is the Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Sussex Ornithological Society and Editor of The Sussex Bird Report. He spent almost 40 years with the UK’s Department for International Development, often living overseas, mostly recently in South Sudan and Afghanistan. Now retired and based in Sussex, he has a particular interest in scarce breeding birds in the interior of the county. He has published a number of papers on birds of Sussex, Africa and Asia.

Mark has worked with colleagues to monitor the changing fortunes of the Goshawk in Sussex and will talk about what has been learnt. He will follow this with an introduction to the world of the mysterious and elusive Honey-buzzard based on fieldwork in Britain over recent years.


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Our long awaited AGM followed by tea, coffee and biscuits and the Nigel and Will quiz.

This light hearted occasion is just an excuse to get together and socialise.

It will give new members a chance to get to know other members and the Committee members.


Henfield. A Sussex village and its birds.

This talk will look at the relationship between Henfield and its birds over the last couple of centuries, but particularly since the inception of Henfield Birdwatch in 1998 and the role that this organisation in raising the profile and conservation of birds in the village over the last 20 years.

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Tonight we’ll be taking you far from Sussex to explore the incredible wildlife and habitats of Guyana.

Join Mike Russell as he takes us on a tour of this vibrant, wildlife-rich country seeking out colourful toucans, camouflaged potoos and the impressive river otter. We’ll learn more about the country, its people, its wildlife and what Guyana is doing to tackle biodiversity loss and climate change.

The talk will last for approximately 45 minutes and there will be a short Q&A session at the end.

This talk is free but donations to assist the work of Sussex Wildlife Trust would be appreciated. There will be an opportunity to donate at the end of the talk.

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