Nige’s Local Birdwatch walk

10-12-19 08:30 - 10-12-19 12:30
Henfield Hall
2 Coopers Way, Henfield BN5 9EQ, UK

Join Nige for his Area 2 walk.  Please contact him and let him know if you will be joining him.

Meet at Henfield Hall car park at 8:30 am

Related upcoming events

  • 15-12-19 08:45 - 15-12-19 16:00

    Meet at Henfield Hall car park and travel in cars to this RSPB reserve that never fails to impress.  Bring a picnic. 2/3 miles of flat walking. Bring RSPB card or £5.00 entrance. Back late afternoon/early evening. £4.00 petrol and to include DART crossing fee.

    Contact Nige if you are thinking of joining the trip.


  • 17-12-19 08:30 - 17-12-19 12:30

    Join Val for her Area 9 walk.  Please contact Val and let her know if you will be joining her. Meet at Holland’s Lane end of Downs link at 8:30 am.


  • 19-12-19 12:30 - 19-12-19 14:00

    Would you like to meet up for lunch at The Haven with some other members of the Birdwatch group?

    The Haven have a lovely menu with 2 or 3 course lunches at around £16.00/ £22.00 as well as many lighter options to choose from.

    Please let Debbie know if you will be joining the group for this social lunchtime.