Big Bird bash weekend of walks

15-06-19 09:00 - 16-06-19 16:00
Henfield Hall
Address: 2 Coopers Way, Henfield BN5 9EQ, UK

As part of the year of culture Henfield Bird watch will be doing a number of walks this weekend, in different areas of the village and surrounding area to record as many birds as possible.

Saturday 15th June Paul Cole will be walking up the Downslink to Betley, along the river and back via Stonepit Lane. There is an option to extend the walk back via Catsfold Farm and West End Lane
Saturday 15th June Nigel will be walking in the field to the north and east of Henfield, over Chess Stream, past Park Farm and back via Woolfly Wood.
Sunday 16th June Will will (!) be walking from Oreham Common to Henfield Hall.
For these walks meet at the Henfield Hall at 8.30am
Sunday 16th June Mike will be walking from the Mill Stream to Streatham Bridge and back past West Mill.
For this walk meet at Woods Mill at 7.30pm
Monday 17th June val will walk to Stretham Bridge, along the river to New Inn then back past Frogshole and Rye farm.
For this walk meet at The Steam Mill at 8.30a