Henfield - a great place for birds and people!


Welcome to the Henfield Birdwatch website. We are a group with an interest in birds and wildlife in general. We welcome people whatever their birding knowledge. We have group walks, talks, meet regularly for lunch and some people like to share their sightings online.

We aim to ensure that Henfield remains a great place for birds and some of our members like to become more involved by

  • regularly surveying and monitoring the local bird population and species
  • helping Henfield residents to be aware of our local birds and how to help them flourish

If this sounds interesting and you would like to join us you would be warmly welcomed.

Latest Sightings

West End Levels

My first Redwings of the autumn this morning, when 20 flew over the Downslink north of Bishop Park. There was also a Kingfisher perched on a metal railing just north of Betley Bridge. The fields either side of the river are now flooded, not surprising following the mid-week rain. The photo is from Chates weir looking
Latest Sightings

Grey Wagtail

A brief visit this morning from a Grey Wagtail. (LS)

  20th October 2021
Latest Sightings

Afternoon snack for a Sparrowhawk

I happened to be looking out at the garden this afternoon when a Sparrowhawk snatched a Collared Dove from our feeding station!

The speed was something to see as I was watching it pluck the bird and have a hearty meal. The feathers kept getting stuck to its beak, they were deftly removed by its
Latest Sightings

Back on the Levels

Still reasonable floods west of the railway line; I didn’t bother to count the geese, just masses of noisy honkers and cacklers in the fields. Most of the ducks were Mallards, but in the most southerly patch of water were some Wigeon and Shoveler, and on a slightly less wet field, about 100 Lapwings. (VB) 18th
Latest Sightings

West End Levels

Any water that was on the West End Levels last week has now gone, so it was very quiet Sunday morning. A couple of Yellowhammers alongside the river was about the most interesting sighting, with a lack of any wildfowl at all. It transpired that about 230 Canada Geese had moved away from the river to the stubble field
Latest Sightings

Big Bird Bash (Area 9)

Alan, Angela T and Hazel H and myself for the last of the Bird Bash walks. A bright morning to start with a clear blue sky, but breezy and became more so as the morning progressed. Difficult to pick up sounds and movement in the rustling leaves.
A nice lot of water in the fields, sporting about 220 Canada Geese,