Five gorgeous little Long-tailed Tits visiting today. A pair of Robins who keep chasing another couple away and were determined to keep the small birdbath to themselves. (The little Goldcrest is still coming every day around 4.30pm for a bath). Four Song Thrushes early this morning who seem to like the fact that I’ve mowed the lawn for the first time this year…I just missed an opportunity to photograph one pulling a large worm out. A pair of Great Spotted Woodpecker looking very dapper, three Dunnocks, a Nuthatch, and a Wren. A bunch of Starlings permanently squabbling over the live mealworms. Blackbirds and Blue Tits possibly prospecting for suitable nest sites. Several Bumble Bees enjoying the early nectar and a Chestnut moth on the wall below my outdoor light. Lots of Crocus and Daffodils out now…..Spring is almost here folks! (PB)