Rye Farm triumphs again!

The weather was too lovely to sit in front of a computer so we took a quick walk down the track to Rye Farm and the view¬† of the line of orange barked poplars glistening in the late afternoon sun and reflecting in the mirror smooth floodwater was breathtaking; the birds weren’t bad either!
The Grey Wagtail was still picking up insects from the shaded pond alongside the track; in the alder trees above the pond we found half a dozen Siskin feeding on the cones alongside some Goldfinches while a Goldcrest was calling continually. On the flooded field there was around a 100 Wigeon looking brilliant in the sun and there was also a pair of Shoveler. Redwings zoomed out of the hedges alongside the track with a couple of Fieldfares amongst them. A Kestrel hovered over the field and then on the far side, a Barn Owl drifted into view and landed on a low branch, wonderful. On the way back, a Buzzard sat out on the top of a telegraph pole and a Cormorant flew over and there were a pair of Stonechats either side of the track.
As last week, we recorded 32 species in just an hour’s walk and we both reflected how lucky we are that we live just 10 minutes away from this wonderful place. (MR/LM)