After last week’s trip south, it was back to my usual patch in Area 4 for a morning walk up to Betley and back down the river to West End Lane. Mercifully there was no shooting this time, and with the fields still flooded there was some wildfowl around. Mainly Canada Geese, but amongst them was a lone Shelduck. A Barn Owl gave great views as it hunted south of Betley, and in the same area a singing Skylark was a reminder that spring is not that far away (although it does feel like it at the moment!). In the same vein there were two pairs of Stonechats along the river with the males in summer plumage, also looking dapper were several male Reed Buntings in their breeding finery. On a lawn alongside West End Lane a pair of Mistle Thrushes were feeding, these were regulars last year so will hopefully be nesting again. A total of 38 species recorded, although despite hearing several Green Woodpeckers I’m still to see one in 2021!