Four planets, three owls, two bats and a glowworm….

…. was how Mike described the Perseid walk last night!

A few drops of rain made us wonder how accurate the “clear skies” forecast had been, but apart from viewing some rather spectacular lighting to the north, we were under a cloudless sky once we reached the Adur. Fantastic views of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars – ID all confirmed by Steve’s Skymap app – followed by several sightings of Barn Owls. A “lump” sitting on a post on a distant bridge turned out to be a Little Owl. The third owl was a Tawny, having a screech from trees at Betley Bridge.

Actually there were more than two bats! Roger’s very snazzy bat detector found Pipistrelle, Soprano Pipistrelle and Noctule – may have been more.

But only one glowworm. Shining brightly just south of the bridge. It gave us hope that there would be plenty more along the track, but that was it.

As for the Perseid meteors, only a few flashes, and I’m not sure I saw one. Keep looking out, because there should be more over the weekend.