10 of us made the trip to Ambersham Common on the 19th June. We had a little potter around Heyshott Common, the other side of the road, where we heard Woodlark, Yellowhammers and Linnets singing, followed by a sighting of a smart male Stonechat. On the short walk back up to Ambersham we heard a Song Thrush singing beautifully just above us in a pine tree. We headed up to the top of the hill and waited until, almost on the dot at 9.30, a single Nightjar started churring …. then stopped! About ¼ hour later it started again, then stopped and started as it moved around the cleared area. There were two heard there, possibly a third, About 10.15 we started back to the cars, but churring was coming from Heyshott too, so 2/3 of the party relocated there where we heard 3 different birds, and a lot of wing clapping going on in the dark area between us and the distant trees. We probably should have stayed that side of the road instead!