Male GreenfinchAt Woods Mill on a warm sunny day on the 9th Paula clocked up 21 species at Woods Mill, though birds weren’t the real highlight (see below!).  In an after breakfast wander down Windmill Lane on the 10th I flushed a Woodcock from a copse.  Paula noticed Mallards had returned to the Tanyard pond, and 2 Jackdaws turned up in Yvonne’s lounge! Brenda noticed 3 Little Egrets by the Beeding roundabout on the 4th – they were there again for Wendy a week later!  There is a heronry (egrettery?) not far away on the Coombes Road.  Some serious nest building was going on in Paula’s garden on the 11th.  A Blue Tit was taking sheep’s wool from a hanging container.  Other nest boxes were being visited and a pair of Great Spots were drumming in the dead area of an oak tree next door.  She heard a Chiffchaff singing, a pair of Greenfinches were in the conifers at the back – the male an amazing bright yellow.