House Sparrows, Dunnocks and Reed Buntings
Although from different families, these can look similar if you don’t always get a good view of them. Sparrows and dunnock are very common visitors all year where the reed bunting is an unusual winter visitor to a few gardens that border open countryside
There are 4 types of tits that are regularly reported in gardens, with blue and great tits being the most common, all these species can be seen all year
We have 2 regular resident species of thrush that can be seen in gardens, blackbird and song thrush while in winter they can sometimes be visited by ‘invaders’ from the north, fieldfare and redwing. Very occasionally, if your garden borders fields or open countryside, a mistle thrush might put in an appearance. All are a similar size and like to feed on the ground, but in winter thrive on berries in our gardens.
A colourful group of small birds, most of which regularly visit garden feeders, particularly in winter. If you get a good view you can usually identify them though some of the females can look similar to each other. 
Pigeons and Doves
There are three very familiar visitors to gardens, Woodpigeon, Collared Dove and Feral Pigeon, all distinctive as the pictures show.
There are 2 woodpeckers that might visit your garden, both very striking and both very different from each other.
 Four species of crows are regular garden visitors throughout the year, but it has to be said that they are not always universally popular!
Other birds often visiting gardens