Henfield Hall

The Henfield Hall is one of our venues for meetings as well as a gathering point for outings.  There is convenient parking in the Horsham DC Coopers Way car park.   Don't forget your parking disc!

Upcoming events

  • 23-11-18 19:30 - 23-11-18 21:00

    Several members of Henfield Birdwatch will be giving short talks and presentations on the work of the group in the past and projects underway today. The next 5 year survey is next year, so more information about this too 7:30 pm. Henfield Hall free to all

  • 07-12-18 19:30 - 07-12-18 21:00

    An evening for everyone who would like to be involved in the garden bird survey in 2019. There will be help with bird identification and the process of recording the birds you see in your garden.

    7:30pm. Henfield Hall free to all

  • 12-12-18 08:30 - 12-12-18 12:30

    Join Nige for his Area 2 walk.  Please contact him and let him know if you will be joining him.